Clams on the Side officially began online July of 2017. It all started a few months before that as a result of a home made birthday card for my wife. I had always wanted to do an online web comic, and these little doodles that I drew on her card seemed to speak to me. I think they said something along the lines of “If you draw us, they will laugh…maybe.” Anyways, these drawings were extremely crude at the time, but somehow my brain shifted from a SOMEDAY WILL DRAW mentality to NOW MUST YOU DRAW US mentality! I began furiously scrawling down little clams thumbnail comics over the next several weeks just to get out some ideas. All in all I hit around 216 total before I allowed myself to put something online.

In the beginning, things were pretty rough, and took a lot of research to find out the best ways to make online (or any) comic strips. Lots of bumps and bruises later and here we are with an ever evolving comic that somehow writes itself (if only that were true)!!

So if you like a little bit of off-kilter wacky flavor with a hint of salt, then I am more than sure Clams on the Side will scratch that itch for you. It is my sincere hope that I can bring you a little bit of happiness each week when you read the strip.




Will Dudla is a webcomic artist and illustrator based in upstate New York. He specializes in portraiture, comic themed work, and pen and ink drawing. His favorite things to do when not involved in staring at a glowing screen are spending time with his family and video games.

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